Origin Story

Sam Hawkins

Sam Hawkins

Founder of Dwellane

"If I started a real estate platform that was completely focused on the best outcome for the consumer, what would it look like?"– Sam Hawkins
The Hawkins Family in the 1990sThe Hawkins Family - 1990’s

Exposure to real estate was organic in Sam’s life. He grew up at the side of his father, Tucker Hawkins, who was the longest serving manager for the F.C. Tucker company when he retired in 2021. Sam witnessed real estate practiced with integrity, trustworthiness and a level of customer service not often seen. He knew then what many never learn - the path to success was not transactional, but relational.

Sam went on to study economics at Hillsdale College before coming full circle to the career in real estate that was always waiting for him. Did an economics degree prepare Sam for a gift of forecasting and analyzing the real estate industry? His success would indicate that, yes, the industry understanding complements the extensive experience and high standards of customer service perfectly.

Sam, his wife, and three childrenThe Hawkins Family - 2014

Living in the same zip code for nearly 50 years, Sam is connected to his neighborhood in a unique way, making it easy to envision a new type of home search centered around community.

Sam and his daughter complete a race

It wasn’t an isolated situation, an epiphany or the result of searching for the next great idea. It was years of experiencing real estate and watching the industry change, evolve. It was the gnawing feeling that the real estate transaction process can be better. Must get better. That there was a solution that would create the best possible outcome for the consumer.

Fast forward to 2021 and that nagging feeling remains - there is a better way, and Sam is the perfect person to build it. The evolution of the real estate market in Indianapolis was at Sam’s doorstep. Years of brainstorming, lamenting conversations and the consensus Sam was on the right track… the project was set in motion, officially.

The Dwellane team hard at workDwellane Team - 2023