Chatham Tap

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Photo of the front entrance of Chatham Tap in Downtown Indy
Photo of the interior of Chatham Tap in Downtown Indy
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While keeping with the friendly and laid back tradition of a neighborhood pub, we sought to rise above the “pub-grub” level with our menu. Emphasizing sandwiches and appetizers, our award-winning menu is a unique combination of flavors and styles, with plenty of vegetarian options as well as enough choices for the carnivores out there. Yes, you will find wings, nachos, and pizza on our menu. But we hope they are unlike any wings, nachos, or pizza you’ve ever had.

Phone1 (317) 917-8425
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Find your home in the heart of the city! With eclectic neighborhoods from Mile Square to Fountain Square, endless events and attractions at venues like Lucas Oil Stadium and Military Park, and a wealth of history in Monument Circle, War Memorial Plaza, and beyond, downtown Indianapolis is the perfect balance of city dazzle and Midwest charm.

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