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Home to Butler University and adjacent to other Midtown neighborhoods Broad Ripple and Meridian Kessler, Butler-Tarkington’s residents love its older homes and tree-lined streets, as well as its educational, cultural, and recreational amenities. Anchored by the esteemed Butler University, the neighborhood enjoys a vibrant cultural scene with the iconic Clowes Memorial Hall hosting diverse performances. Residents can explore the scenic beauty of Holcomb Gardens, a botanical retreat adjacent to the university, and enjoy numerous recreational facilities, including swimming pools and tennis courts, at The Riviera Club. The neighborhood also features unique shopping and dining options, including locally-owned Lunch Money Boutique, Kids Ink Children's Bookstore, and Byrne's Grilled Pizza at Butler-Tarkington's charming "Main Street" at 56th & Illinois.

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Butler-Tarkington: Where Historic Elegance Meets Modern Living

Nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, Butler-Tarkington is a neighborhood that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and recreational opportunities. From its historic landmarks and parks to its vibrant arts scene and bike-friendly streets, this neighborhood is brimming with charm and endless possibilities. 

Historic Charm Meets Unique Architecture

One of the standout features of Butler-Tarkington is its rich historical background and distinctive architecture. As you stroll through the tree-lined streets, you'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful homes that showcase a range of architectural styles. From charming Tudor Revivals to elegant Colonial Revivals, each house tells a story and adds to the neighborhood's character.

One must-visit landmark in Butler-Tarkington is the iconic Butler University. Founded in 1855, this prestigious institution not only offers top-notch education but also contributes significantly to the neighborhood's cultural fabric. Home to Butler Bulldogs basketball, Hinkle Fieldhouse is a historic and iconic sports arena with a legacy dating back to its opening in 1928. Recognized as one of the oldest basketball arenas in the United States and designated as a National Historic Landmark, Hinkle is steeped in architectural charm with its classic design featuring exposed brick walls and a distinctive barrel-vaulted roof. The fieldhouse has a rich basketball heritage, hosting memorable games and tournaments, and also provides an intimate setting for sports events, concerts, and lectures. 

Parks, Trails, and Outdoor Delights

For nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, Butler-Tarkington offers an abundance of green spaces and recreational opportunities. The neighborhood is home to several parks where you can bask in nature's beauty or engage in various activities.

One such gem is Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), which boasts expansive gardens, art installations, and walking trails that wind through scenic landscapes. Whether you're an art aficionado or simply seeking tranquility amidst nature's wonders, Newfields IMA provides an ideal escape. The stunning Holcomb Gardens on Butler University’s campus provides a tranquil oasis for relaxation or leisurely walks.

If you're looking for more active pursuits, the nearby Monon Trail is a haven for cyclists, joggers, and walkers alike. Stretching over 18 miles, this picturesque trail connects Butler-Tarkington to other neighborhoods and allows you to explore Indianapolis at your own pace. Local favorite The Riviera Club offers one of the city’s largest outdoor pools, as well as tennis courts and fitness facilities.

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Galore

Butler-Tarkington is a neighborhood that embraces the arts in all its forms. From theater performances to live music events, there's always something happening to cater to your cultural cravings.

One of the cultural gems in the area is Clowes Memorial Hall, located on the Butler University campus. This renowned venue hosts a diverse range of performances, including Broadway shows, concerts by world-class musicians, and captivating theatrical productions. Whether you're a fan of classical music or contemporary dance, Clowes has something to captivate every audience member. For art lovers, Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art features an extensive collection of artworks spanning various genres and time periods, while James R. Ross Fine Art maintains an extensive inventory of the best examples of early Indiana art, as well as works by the top living traditional Indiana painters.

Family-Friendly Fun and Kid-Focused Activities

Butler-Tarkington is an ideal neighborhood for families with children. The community prides itself on being family-friendly and offers numerous attractions and activities tailored specifically for kids.

Kids Ink Children's Bookstore is a beloved local bookstore that caters exclusively to young readers. With its vast collection of books spanning various genres and age groups, Kids Ink encourages children to embark on exciting literary adventures. Newcomer Lunch Money Boutique provides a whimsical and enchanting shopping experience for both parents and little ones and is dedicated to curating a thoughtfully crafted collection of clothing, accessories, and essentials that combine comfort, style, and imagination.

For those seeking outdoor fun with their little ones, there are several playgrounds dotting the area where kids can climb, swing, and slide to their heart's content. Additionally, nearby Broad Ripple Dog Park provides a space for furry family members to socialize while parents supervise.

Shopping and Dining: A Blend of Old and New

When it comes time to satisfy your culinary cravings or indulge in some retail therapy, Butler-Tarkington does not disappoint. The neighborhood strikes an excellent balance between preserving historic establishments while welcoming new additions.

Illinois Street Food Emporium is a local favorite that has been serving delicious sandwiches since 1985. With its cozy atmosphere and mouth-watering menu, this eatery is a must-visit for food lovers. Locally-owned Byrne’s Grilled Pizza serves craft pizza, pasta, salads, bread sticks, draft beer, a very nice wine list and a wide assortment of cocktails.

For those seeking unique shopping experiences, the neighborhood boasts an array of boutiques and specialty stores. Local favorites Petite G. Jewelers, Be the Boutique, and The Secret Ingredient, all located at the charming “Main Street” at 56th & Illinois, offer artisanal crafts, trendy fashion finds, and unique accessories.

Conclusion: A Neighborhood That Offers the Best of Indianapolis

In conclusion, Butler-Tarkington is a neighborhood that seamlessly blends history, culture, and recreational opportunities. Its historic charm, unique architecture, and proximity to parks and trails make it an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts. The vibrant arts scene and family-friendly activities cater to diverse interests, ensuring there's never a dull moment. Whether you're exploring local landmarks or enjoying culinary delights at one of the many dining establishments, Butler-Tarkington offers a welcoming community with something for everyone.