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Located on the near northside of Indianapolis in the heart of Butler University’s campus, the gardens encompass twenty acres of hillside overlooking a small manmade lake and the historic Indianapolis Central Canal. The gardens were designed in 1949 by James Holcomb, a Trustee of Butler University, and Arthur Lindberg, then superintendent of buildings and grounds for the campus. Construction of the gardens was completed by 1950.


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Home to Butler University and adjacent to other Midtown neighborhoods Broad Ripple and Meridian Kessler, Butler-Tarkington’s residents love its older homes and tree-lined streets, as well as its educational, cultural, and recreational amenities. Anchored by the esteemed Butler University, the neighborhood enjoys a vibrant cultural scene with the iconic Clowes Memorial Hall hosting diverse performances. Residents can explore the scenic beauty of Holcomb Gardens, a botanical retreat adjacent to the university, and enjoy numerous recreational facilities, including swimming pools and tennis courts, at The Riviera Club. The neighborhood also features unique shopping and dining options, including locally-owned Lunch Money Boutique, Kids Ink Children's Bookstore, and Byrne's Grilled Pizza at Butler-Tarkington's charming "Main Street" at 56th & Illinois.

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