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Jackson's Grant on Williams Creek

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Jackson's Grant is a mixture of pasture and rolling woodlands, intersected by gently flowing Williams Creek, and presents a variety of housing options, as evidenced by the seven distinctively different custom neighborhoods in the plan.

The 280 acres that make up Jackson’s Grant is blessed with pockets of native hardwoods and nearly a mile of scenic natural streams. Thirteen contiguous forested acres, plus several wooded preserves and trails, will remain untouched. Long stretches of the creek banks will be left intact, and accessible for walking, relaxing and communing with nature.

Conscientious planning and architectural covenants will seamlessly blend the built environment with the patterns of nature. For instance, drainage is engineered to benefit rather than disrupt the environment. Instead of retention ponds, the plan calls for strategically placed biospheres: gently rolling fields where native grasses collect and slowly disperse storm water. The natural beauty of the land will be preserved at every turn.

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