Craig Kids Memorial Park

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Exterior photo of Craig Kids Memorial Park
Exterior photo of Craig Kids Memorial Park
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In 2016, the Fall Creek Place Foundation gathered input from neighbors and spearheaded an effort to create a master plan for the park. With the goal of creating a space that connects the natural environment with recreation and the arts, Craig Kids Memorial Park is a bold plan for a park unlike any other in Indianapolis. The plan envisions new berms, walkways, performance areas, landscaping, a nature playscape and a unique art playscape where art pieces will function as playground equipment. When finished, it will not only become a highlight of Fall Creek Place but also an attraction for residents from all over Indianapolis!

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Mapleton-Fall Creek combines historical charm with modern amenities and a strong sense of community. The neighborhood's historic charm is evident in its well-preserved architecture, including beautiful Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman-style homes. With eateries, breweries, and specialty markets, you’ll have a piece of Indy foodie culture in your backyard.

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