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Outdoor photo of Kennedy King park, showing memorial statues
Outdoor photo of Kennedy King park, showing historical marker with quote from Robert F. Kennedy
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Former Indiana Secretary of State, Larry Conrad, had the idea that a monument could commemorate both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in the park where Kennedy’s calming remarks were made on the night of King’s assassination. Indiana Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh funded a juried competition for a monument design in 1994 with resources from the newly-formed Pacers Foundation.

Indianapolis writer, Greg R. Perry submitted a design concept that was chosen from a pool of 50 submissions. The monument, dedicated in 1995, is constructed from two massive curves of Cor-Ten steel cut with the outlines of Kennedy and King, cast by Indianapolis sculptor Daniel Edwards. From each of these rounded steel curves of steel leap two half figures, reaching their hands out to one another over a walkway. “The monument is a meeting of opposing artistic sensibilities not normally found together in public monuments: abstract meets figurative,” writes NUVO art critic Dan Grossman. “It’s not just a piece of sculpture that happens to be outside in a public space,” says project consultant Steve Mannheimer. “It’s truly a civic sculpture.”

Kennedy King

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Dating back to the 1800s, Kennedy King is a historic and culturally significant area located just north of downtown Indianapolis. It was in this neighborhood that Robert F. Kennedy delivered a famous speech on April 4, 1968, announcing the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Landmark for Peace Memorial, a sculpture depicting Kennedy and King reaching out to each other, commemorates this event and stands as a symbol of unity and peace.

Locals love to grab coffee or a cocktail at PROVIDER; enjoy burgers, shakes, and the outdoor play space at Baby's; bask in the sunshine at Craig Kids Memorial and MLK Parks; and mark special occasions with dinner at Indy favorite Tinker Street.

Rich in architectural history, Kennedy-King is one of Indianapolis’ fastest growing urban neighborhoods, offering a quiet and unique enclave within the bustling vibrancy of Indianapolis.

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